Everyone talks about it. The fact that kids in poorer neighborhoods generally underperform on standardized tests and frequently lack the skills that kids in more well-off areas attain is no surprise. A recent study found that there is also a disparity in middle-class school districts, particularly in math and science. Not just a problem for minority and poor students, educational disparity affects students from all walks of life.

The percentage of high school graduates from low-income neighborhoods applying for college jumped from 23 percent in 1972 to 55 percent in 2009.
Unfortunately, the percentage earning a bachelor’s degree by the time they were 24 years of age stayed at the same low rate of 5 to 7 percent. It’s obvious that low-income area students have the desire to succeed, but lack the fundamental

A key component of the American Dream is that every person has an equal chance. The educational system in the United States is supposed to level the
playing field between the rich and poor by giving students the opportunity to learn the same essential content, develop problem solving and reasoning
abilities and build a strong educational foundation. Because of a lack of funding, schools in high-poverty areas don’t have the resources to compete with
schools in high-income neighborhoods. A substandard education does nothing to level the playing field. Read the rest of this entry »

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Research papers are the truth of life as a student will keep on writing something till the graduation is not complete. In order to write research paper there are some guidelines which you need to follow. There are somewhat which you can do with less pain.

Outlining - For writing a research paper outlining is a good idea for any student, as it will assist you to suggest ideas and keep them planned so that your paper work run well.

Writing your paper – Different divisions including abstract, title page, body, conclusion and reference page are the different division included in research paper. Each division has special point.

Heading - The use of the title page is to mention the name of yours, the name of the paper along with instructor’s name, the date and the name of the class. All these information should be given on the left hand margin of the first paper

Abstract – To give the overview of the paper is the main intention of the abstract. It basically includes the ideas and the notion of the paper but it should not be too lengthy.

Introduction – The main function of the introduction is to initiate the research paper. This section should be attractive and attracts the mind of the reader. Read the rest of this entry »

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Each school students and college students would want to pass school exams with good grades in the hope of becoming a child who knows how to order later to continue their education to a higher level in a favorite place or work in a nice place with a high income . All determined on the values and attitudes of our behavior at school or college .

There are several things that must be done to increase the concentration of students and student learning :

1 . Eliminate the expense and Duties

If there is homework should be completed first so not the meditation continuously during learning activities take place . Identify the things that must be done and implement it so that there is no such burden of washing clothes , pay electricity bills , restore DVD loan to a friend , and so forth .

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Thematic learning more emphasis on student involvement in the learning process actively in the learning process , so that students can gain hands-on experience and are trained to be able to find yourself a variety of knowledge learned .

Some typical characteristics of thematic learning , among others :

1 ) Experience and learning activities are very relevant to the developmental level and needs of primary school age children ;

2 ) The activities chosen in the implementation of thematic learning departed from the interests and needs of students ;

3 ) The learning will be more meaningful and memorable for the students so that learning outcomes can last longer ;

4 ) Helping students develop thinking skills ;

5 ) Presenting pragmatic learning activities according to students’ problems frequently encountered in the environment , and

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